Apart from choosing which games to play at the LasVegasUSA online casino, placing bets is one of the important aspects of the casino. Placing real money bets is carried out by transferring money securely to the casino. In the banking section of the casino the player is presented with a choice of deposit options that have been checked and approved by the casino. Each option offers secure and instant transfers to the players casino account through encrypted transfers. Both Visa and MasterCard are offered as the credit and debit card options. In addition players may choose one of the other possibilities that include Neteller, a third party deposit option or MST card. The MST card is an international gift card that works like a debit card, a card is bought as a gift with an amount on it and this can be used at the casino. Players that use the MST cards also benefit from an additional $50 cash bonus with their first deposit. Money transfers may also be made and these have a minimum deposit of $50. Credit cards, debit cards and Neteller have a minimum deposit of $20.