5 Wishes Slots

The Genie is the one that is calling the shots with this slot game. The gold is behind him, and he can give you all of your dreams and desires when you wish for them. However, when it comes to how many you get, it is more than three. You get five wishes from this Genie! He is the one who can do more for those who are rubbing the lamp to get the Genie to come out and provide the wishes.

This 5-reel, video, progressive, bonus slot machine game offers the benefits that you can get from just this type of slot machine. T East Fairy Tale related slot machine that answers all of the wishes you may have wanted.

The Maker of the Slots

Real Time Gaming is the maker of this game, and they are pulling out all the stops on this one. You can be sure to grab the extras and more when you get the bonuses to open, free spins to get, and more. You can find that the slots are perfect for spinning and winning. RTG makes graphics and sounds the best that they can be. They want you to feel like you're in the middle of the casino itself, being able to play.

A Little Inside Look

You can put down $25 as a max bet in this slot machine. You can be sure that you win extra big if you play all the 25 paylines. Put down a decent amount of money and win more back. You can only bet one coin per line, so keep this in mind when you play this slot machine game. Whether you are putting down one cent per line or choosing to put up 50 cents when you are playing. The more you put down, up to $25, the better the payout will be when you land.

Playing the Game and Playing it Well

When you go inside to play the game, know what to expect when using the symbols. This is because landing on the right symbols will be what pays you out the most or even opens up those bonus rounds. There are even classic symbols to line up. Even though they don't spend a lot when you land on them, they are something you want to line up.

There are other specific, more themed symbols that you want to think about using and lining up. Themed symbols pay the most. You can check out the palace, jug, Aladdin, the Genie, princess, and magic lamp. When you land on these, you are getting the best and most of what they are offering.

How About Those Bonus Rounds?

This slot machine also offers bonus rounds. When it comes to playing at the slots, you will enjoy the many different features that come from lining the symbols up just right. You can check out the Free Games Feature, which rewards you with free spins when you land on the correct symbols before you. You can also check out the Magic Wild Feature, which opens up a side game for you to play. This offers bigger wins and bigger payouts when the time comes. Enjoy them all when you spin.

Where You Should Play

There are many places you can play, and depending on which you feel the most comfortable with, you can make use of these ways. You can download the interface to your computer to play on the casino. You can also use the Flash-version of the game, which doesn't have you download anything to it. Don't worry about having to do much more when you choose to download the casino app to your smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, you can open the app on your device and play wherever there is wifi or a data connection.

Now is the time to spend a bit to get acquainted with the game itself and playing the slots. You should feel right about being able to play a game that you feel good about. You should feel good when you are playing any slots, which you should look into. Sign up for the casino and spend some time spinning and winning.